My federated addresses

    I have divided my social accounts by function and here are their addresses The federated address is not an email address. If you have an account in any federated service (Mastodon, Diaspora, Pleroma or GnuSocial) you can follow me with that address.

    If you follow me from those services, you can also comment and like my posts

    Here are the accounts

    Purpose URL Federated address
    Main social account https://raitisoja.com/channel/social social@raitisoja.com
    Photos https://raitisoja.com/channel/photos photos@raitisoja.com
    Travel photos https://raitisoja.com/channel/travel travel@raitisoja.com
    ©Markku Raitisoja
    Wire IM: @m_raitisoja
    GNU Ring:mraitisoja
    GPG FP: 1BC9 4822 10B9 F6E2 6AEA 3BC6 8F93 7BBE 21B0 1AE3
    Signal: You have to know my phone number